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Professional Reports on the Metaverse

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Professional Reports on the Metaverse

8 ratings

2 compilations of 13 reports each about the metaverse.

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What's inside the 588 pages, Vol.1:

  • Opportunities in the Metaverse | J.P.Morgan
  • Value creation in the metaverse | McKinsey & Company
  • Meet Me in the Metaverse | by Voices of Change & Accenture
  • The Metaverse Overview: Vision, Technology and Tactics | Deloitte
  • Exploring the Metaverse and what it could mean for you | Deloitte
  • The Corporate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Metaverse | Boston Consulting Group
  • Metaverse : opportunities, risks and policy implications | European Parliament
  • The Metaverse Multiverse | HSBC Global Research
  • Into the Metaverse | Wunderman Thompson
  • Metaverse & Blockchain: Navigating the Internet's Uncharted Waters | Newzoo
  • Metaverse, AR/VR and Synthetic Media | Future Today Institute
  • Future of Extended Reality | KPGM
  • Global XR industry insight | Deloitte China

What's inside the 437 pages, Vol.2:

  • Goldman Sachs - Framing the Future of Web 3.0
  • KPMG - Go boldly, not blindly, into the metaverse
  • Havas Group - Metaverse : The New Age of Experience
  • Baker McKenzie - Interactive Entertainment and Metaverses
  • Wunderman Thompson - New realities Into the Metaverse and beyond
  • Ogilvy - A behavioral perspective on the metaverse
  • Vok Dams - Marketing Goes Metaverse
  • Oliver Wyman - A Primer on the Metaverse and NFTs
  • Outlier Ventures - Metaverse OS
  • Reed Smith - Guide to the Metaverse
  • Common Sense - Kids and the metaverse
  • XRSI - Building responsible, safe, and inclusive extended reality ecosystems
  • GSMA - Exploring the metaverse and the digital future


Who is this for?

Anyone interested in learning more about the metaverse and its business opportunities.

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No, not at all. If there is any problem with this e-book, please contact me at

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