Hire a Super web3 Advisor

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Hire a Super web3 Advisor

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Hello, I am Delphin Druelle, a web3 consultant.

My area of expertise is in web3, NFTs and the metaverse. I bring that expertise and understanding to a small number of companies that want to innovate, discover a new market & expand their customer base.

I help entrepreneurs and team leaders as an advisor during their building phase. I help them:

  • lay the correct foundation for growth
  • see around corners
  • avoid expensive mistakes
  • assemble world-class web3 teams (design, tech, marketing, legal, etc.)

How my services work

My clients often ask me about 2 things:

🧠 Advisory

During weekly 1:1 discussions, my role here is to point out all the red flags of the project and to bring answers to them. My job is to help you operate effectively without my guidance. I can also produce for you a tailored strategic report including the following elements:

  • value proposition, SWOT analysis & SMART goals
  • industry and market data
  • benchmark
  • direction on pricing, supply and utilities
  • economic model, operating model, project management and investment strategy

🤝 Matchmaking

Knowing the right providers in the web3 space is complex and time-consuming. For your project, I connect you with the best partners. I have designed a unique catalog of trusted partners who work in design, technical, copywriting, influence marketing, growth, collaborations, social media management, legal, etc.

Legal documents, evaluations and recommendations: the seriousness and expertise of those top-tier partners are always verified.

Working with me makes finding the highly skilled talent you need easy, fast, and cost-effective. On average, I get an 18% discount on the partners' rates.

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What's your references?

Since the beginning of the year, I had the chance to work with 20+ projects including: Shiba Social Club, SoChess, Apes of Space, Tales From The Wild, Rolland Garros, Biborg, Fintica, Landvault, etc.

I also interacted with 700+ people in the industry, giving me a 360° view of the market. My weekly monitoring that I share with more than 4500 people allow me to be aware of the market players with their strengths and weaknesses. I am frequently interviewed on podcasts or invited to international conferences (recently: Le Board, Le Wagon, Wavect, Ibiza NXT, MetaverseTalks, etc.)

Who's your ideal client?

My ideal client is a responsive client whose web3 project is innovative and has a budget a minimum budget of 80k€ can be allocated to it (technical, design, marketing, etc.). It's also a brand willing to build a lasting web3 business. I typically work with the CEO and/or the CMO during our engagement. I always work with individuals that I feel will be a good fit in the long run.

How many clients are you working with?

I work with no more than 3 companies at the same time to provide maximum value to everyone. Dedicated time slots for my clients are booked in my calendar. Because of this, I require a discovery call before working together.

Are your partners reliable?

Yes, they are reliable. One of the pillars of Superfolks is transparency, that's why you can see the information of all our partners to know their skills, the work they have done, see their portfolios, etc. In addition, before selecting one, you will be able to chat with them to get to know them in depth and decide the one for sure. Our goal is for you to find your trusted partner and establish long-term relationships with them.

Is it possible to be one of your affiliates?

Of course! Just fill out this form and I will get back to you shortly. You will then have an affiliate link and if you refer me to a client, you will automatically receive 10% of my earnings.

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If you have any questions, I can be reached by DM on LinkedIn or by email at delphin@superfolks.io

I enjoy working with smart people. I look forward to discovering your project and working with you!

Delphin 🧙‍♂️

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