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10-step guide to creating or participating in a DAO

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10-step guide to creating or participating in a DAO

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You are aware that there is something going on around Web3 and DAOs, but you haven't had the time to fully dive into the subject yet.

You'd like to discover this rich universe, invest yourself in it and make a living out of it?

Then this complete e-book has been written for you.

Save yourself hours of research on the subject and get started now (for a no-brainer price).

Get from point A: I vaguely know what a DAO is.

To point B: I finally understood the concept, and I am now autonomous on this subject, I can even go further by creating my own DAO or by joining one!

Free bonus: a complete listing of 350+ resources and tools to create, manage and grow a DAO.

Table of contents

  • Step 1: What is a DAO?
  • Step 2: A brief history of DAO
  • Step 3: Why a DAO?
  • Step 4: The 4 problems of DAO
  • Step 5: What types of companies for DAO?
  • Step 6: How is a DAO managed?
  • Step 7: How do you transform a centralized company into a DAO?
  • Step 8: Want to launch your DAO? Avoid these mistakes...
  • Step 9: Want to join a DAO? Here's how to do it.
  • Step 10: The future of DAO and conclusion


Who is it for?

For the curious and ambitious who want to know what a DAO is, how to integrate one and why not generate revenue from it.

Who's the author?

Jean-Baptiste Berthoux is the founder of the Web3 Academy, author of two best-selling books on NFTs (available on Amazon) and Web3 Copywriter.

Who are you?

I'm Delphin Druelle, a web3 advisor who guide companies in their strategy by giving them tailored advice, and connecting them with trusted top-tier partners. Learn more.

I also read 100+ web3 articles a week & bring the best headlines to your inbox every Saturday morning.

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